【Health Insights 13 -Pt.01】Nutri-Crypt® improves Iron Supplement absorption for Global Anemia Issue!



The global anemia issue has driven demand for iron supplements with a great absorption rate. 

The statistics from WHO indicated that more than 1 billion people worldwide are experiencing anemia, including four common types of anemia, which are iron-deficiency anemia, aplastic anemia, hemolytic anemia, and hemorrhagic anemia. According to research, one-fourth of the prevalence is caused by iron deficiency. Moreover, the high-risk group of it was mainly female, with a prevalence rate of 72%! Some common symptoms of anemia are having sallow skin, getting dizziness and headache easily, pale lower inner eyelids and nails, and nails being scooped like a spoon.

We develop Nutri-Crypt® to improve the absorption and dosage application of iron supplements for those in need of iron.

In order to help people who suffer from iron deficiency anemia, we developed Nutri-Crypt® to wrap around ferric iron, preserving its ingredient activity. Its special 3-Layer Structure not only does it increase the absorption rate of iron but prevents it affects the taste of the supplement. Letting iron supplements being developed in much more dosage forms other than capsule and tablet.



【Episode Time Tags】

00:00-00:39 Global prevalence of Anemia.
00:40-01:30 4 common types of Anemia.
01:31-01:52 The symptoms of Anemia.
01:53-02:34 Current trends of supplement dosage forms.
02:35-03:02 Outro


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Video【Health Insights 13 -Pt.01】Nutri-Crypt® is developed to improve Iron Supplement absorption due to rising Global Anemia Issue!