【Health Insights 16 -Pt.01】Herbal tea—the new style of body cooling drink business opportunities!

The summer temperature is high, heatstroke is frequent, and the summer will likely get longer due to global warming.

In recent years, the heatwave that has swept through Europe and the United States has set historical records for both time length and temperature. The Environmental Change Research Center also predicts that by 2060, Taiwan will have no more winters while summers may be as long as seven months and days with extremely high temperatures may exceed forty-eight. Due to the influence of global warming, the market for body cooling drinks continues to rise.

Ice or cold shower? None seems to be a safe and effective way to solve the problem.

In a bid to control the heat during summer, many people take cold showers and even eat ice. However, Cold showers will also cause the skin pores and capillaries to contract, affecting heat dissipation. Ice, on the other hand, may cause blood vessels to constrict; hence not a great option. Eating ice rather fast could easily cause headache, disturb stomach digestion and intestinal peristalsis, and result in stomach cramps, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or even gastroenteritis.

The market for body cooling drinks continues to rise. And in recent years, people have paid more attention to the niceties of Chinese medicine and herbs.

When it comes to living with high temperatures, we have to mention the “herbal tea culture” that originated in Guangdong and spread south to Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, it is humid and hot in summer. It is often said there that hot weather makes people “hot”. “Hot” here refers to the poor circulation of Qi and blood in the body, which causes the body to dissipate heat poorly and results in the manifestation of dryness and heat symptoms. Common symptoms associated with being “hot” are chapped lips, dry mouth, bad breath, and constipation. Chinese herbalists make tea from cooler herbs to quench thirst, cool down the heat and reduce fire, which will otherwise widely spread in the community. With the spread of Chinese culture and Southeast Asia, flourishing herbal tea culture has been developed in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Nowadays, herb tea gradually becomes a popular health drink that has been tested by time and people, and it has become a part of the blue ocean of health.


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00:00-00:37 Intro
00:38-01:17 Summers are growing longer due to climate change
01:18-02:26 The influence of global warming
02:27-03:10 Ways to control the heat and what health problems they may cause?
03:11-05:03 What is Chinese herbal tea?
05:04-05:25 Outro


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Video【Health Insights 16 -Pt.01】Herbal tea—the new style of body cooling drinks business opportunities!