【Health Insights 17 -Pt.01】Nutrition for height: children habits to grow taller

Worried about children’s height results in the demand of growth hormone keep increasing.

Many parents go to great lengths to find ways to help them grow taller during adolescence. The most popular way is to inject growth hormones. In China, the compound annual increase rate of the growth hormone market over the past seven years has been 30.42%. Globally, experts estimate that the growth hormone market will reach 9.2 billion dollars by 2030 and is likely to exceed 10 billion soon. Doctors advise that the growth hormone be injected at night. If it is injected at the wrong time, its effect will be reduced. Besides, growth hormone has side effects such as muscle and joint pain, heart discomfort and headaches, and easy to feel tired.


Sufficient nutritions for height, sleep and exercise during the golden growth period is the only rule for growing taller.

If you want your children to grow tall, you first need to pay attention to the golden period of growth, that is before the growth plates close. When we are kids our growth plates are still open, as we grow up, the growth plates are closing slowly. If the growth plates are closed completely, bones will no longer grow and the height remained fixed regardless of any growth hormone administrated. In fact, the best way to help your children grow taller are diet, sleep, and exercise before the growth plates close.


Welbloom launched a day and night formula based on the physiological clock, which contains the nutrients required for height growth.

Besides sufficient sleep and stretching and jumping exercises, a balanced diet is essential. If your children are picky eaters and do not have access to height nutrition food, they may be unable to grow tall. It is recommended that parents supplement protein (from meat, fish and soy), calcium (from milk and tofu), arginine (from nuts and grains), and vitamin c & d in their children’s diets. Therefore, WelBloom biotech creates a dual healthcare formula for day and night. This formula is prepared based on children’s daily routines so every second in the golden period of growth can be fully maximized.


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Video【Health Insights 17 -Pt.01】Nutrition for height: children habits to grow taller