【Health Insights 6】Unveil the technology of our men’s arousal products.

The sixth episode of Health Insights is now released! In this episode, our host and sale representative Peter will share how can men solve their problems with male performance with Welbloom’s formula and new technology: sublingual paste.

for our core product concept, we separate it into three main parts, based on the mechanism. Boosting our energy, to support both our stamina and vitality. Replenish some nutrients that men need to consume. Saffron Extract help relax our parasympathetic nervous system. And subsequently to have a greater performance on men’s erection. L-Arginine is an amino acid, has the ability to release through its biochemical breakdown something called Nitric Oxide that helps with vasodilation and our cells in the nervous system. These factors lead to good congestion of the penis, to let men have a normal erection. Moreover, by using our exclusive technology: the sublingual paste, the ingredients can be absorbed efficiently.

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Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation is a nutraceutical manufacturer certified with NSF-GMP, ISO, HACCP, and Halal. Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech provides comprehensive services including market analysis, formula customization, supply chain integration, quality assurance, educational product training, and assistance in certificate application. As the Taiwan Health Food Expert, Wel-Bloom is your optimal choice of supplement manufacturer.

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Video【Health Insights 6】Power UP male performance! Unveil our technology for male booster.