Monde Selection, The International Quality Award

Since 1961, the Monde Selection International Quality Awards have analyzed and evaluated the quality of many consumer products and awarded them a unique medal. Food companies around the world are participating in the “Food World Olympics Award”. This year (2018) Wel-Bloom’s Match Q series won two gold and one bronze medal, and we have been internationally certified.


The Olympic Award in Food Industry

Each year, 70 international experts test products from all over the world in a completely independent way.
The judging panel includes professional engineers, nutrition consultants, Michelin-starred chefs, brewers, university lecturers, sommeliers, and skincare safety analysts.
These products will receive a quality award to prove the quality of the product:
“The quality of gold, silver and bronze awards corresponds to the star rating of the hotel or the star rating of the Michelin Guide.”

Taiwan’s milk brand – Reisui Milk has also won the gold medal this year.

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Experimental Science and Food Law

Monde Selection’s judges will carefully review ingredient lists, nutrition information, nutrition and health-related statements, descriptions of active ingredient characteristics, and instructions for use, with special attention to analyzing the overall nutritional quality of the product. In fact, the nutritional content of products that are fully compliant with hygiene and labeling regulations may not be effective. On the other hand, if the product with excellent nutritional quality tastes bad, the consumers will not accept it.


Comprehensive assessment: Quality X Taste

Therefore, when Monde Selection conducts a comprehensive evaluation, it considers the product in two aspects: the intrinsic quality of the product and communication with the consumer, and evaluates the product through taste, health clams, user-friendliness, labeling, packaging, and innovation. The importance given by each jury to these parameters will depend on the product in question.

The quality of Wel-Bloom’s product won the Monde Selection.

MonascusCo Q10 capsule

It took Wel-Bloom four years to develop the Monascus Q10(MQ10) Capsule, Clinical trials have shown to help reduce and delay the occurrence of cardiovascular disease risk factors in three weeks. With many effective active ingredients, Monascus Q10(MQ10) Capsule won the 2009 National Biotechnology Medical Quality Award bronze medal. It was awarded SNQ certification for nine consecutive years in 2009-2017 and won the gold medal in this year’s Monde Selection

Glucojoint Jelly

Up to 1500mg of glucosamine help to boost collagen production, and lubricate joints.
Shark cartilage used inhibits the calcification of cartilage of the joints, helps maintain the suppleness and strength of joints, maintains joint function, and promotes healing of articular cartilage, effectively improves the quality of joint bursa fluid, and maintains joint health.
As people age, exercise, injury, etc., type II collagen in our human body will gradually diminish, resulting in pain in joints.
With appropriate type II collagen supplementation, arthritis can be effectively improved and articular cartilage can be strengthened.
Increase lubrication of joints, soothe pain and improve osteoporosis by securing calcium in bone and reducing calcium loss.
These three functional ingredients together with the cat’s claw and pineapple enzymes challenge the most comprehensive formula on the market!

Lutein Jelly

Lutein is the most common ingredient when we speak of eye care supplements, but most people do not know that lutein is not produced in our body, and will gradually decrease over time, so we need constantly supplement it.
Our Lutein is extracted from the precious marigold flower, combined with black currant extract and bilberry. Carefully selected New Zealand black currant extracts which grown in an environment with an excellent climate and clean air, with bilberry grown in northern Europe that contains nutrients and abundant anthocyanins can effectively help metabolism and reduce eye fatigue.
Staring at a computer screen while working, using a cell phone after work, eyes are exposed to excessive blue light radiation and often feel dry and discomfort? Lutein Jelly keeps you stay away from diseases of affluence!


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