Immune health powder supplements

Immune health powder supplements

Immune Enhance Powder standard formulation

Reduce seasonal flu and relief allergy’s time and symptoms. Helps regulate immunity and enhances body’s antioxidant capacity.
Wel-bloom take serious of immune problems for your customers,and gives you best quality health food product.
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Immune Health Powder Supplement
Standard Formulation to create a quick sample!


Why do people need Immune health powder supplements? 

Fall and winter have a high chance of catching the flu! Enhancing Immunity would help avoid the symptoms.

Immune health powder supplements might be a good way to help people get through the flu season, especially for children and seniors. The doctor stated that it is possible to be infected with flu all year round, but people are more likely to be infected during autumn and winter, and children and the elderly are most vulnerable to infection. Most healthy adults will recover on their own after getting the flu, but a few patients may have serious complications.


Immune Enhance powder supplement can be your health guardian!

  • Reduce seasonal flu and relief allergy symptoms. Helps regulate immunity and enhances the body’s antioxidant capacity.
  • Inhibition of influenza virus and the destruction of virus structure.
  • Stimulate and promote immune system function. Inhibit the growth of bacteria and flu viruses.
  • Reduce throat inflammation, increase resistance against bacteria and viruses, and reduce upper respiratory tract infection.
  • Inhibit the release of histamine, reduce allergies, while achieving immune regulation.
  • Effectively shorten the time of illness and reduce discomfort.
  • The strong antioxidant ability protects cells for up to 72 hours. Helps protect the liver and gastrointestinal tract.


Product Feature

 Easy to carry, continuous resistance accumulation

  •  Ampoule design, dispense with swallows or capsules
  •  No coloring and preservatives added

Multi-Effect Concentrate

  • Six quality ingredients have been strictly selected
  • Anti-virus, anti-oxidation, anti-allergy and immune regulation
  • Enhance human immunity against to influenza virus


Target Customer that is suitable for Immune health powder supplement.

Immune Enhance Powder Supplements are for people with low immunity and respiratory susceptibility and those who get cold frequently.

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