Private Label Collagen Drink Supplement

Private Label Collagen Drink Supplement

Private label Collagen Drink Standard Formulation

Private label Collagen Drink has three major functions: Elasticity, moisture, and whitening. Improve your skin and make you look younger than before.
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Private Label Collagen Drink Supplement

private label collagen drink supplement

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 The problems listed below indicates that people are lack collagen.

  • Bad skin condition, aging.
  • Collagen starts to lose after 20 years old.
  • Always stay in a room with air conditioning
  • Damaged. Dry hair and have dead split ends.
  • Nails are easy to break.
  • Poor joint flexibility.


The funtion for private label collagen drink.

Collagen makes up 70% of the dermis.

Fibrous collagen forms a network structure that provides tension and elasticity to the skin.
Skin growth, repair, and nutrition are inseparable from collagen. 


Why collagen is a great ingredient for skin care?Supporting dermis

  • Skin restores elasticity and returns to a younger skin 
  • Improves skin wrinkles and smooths skin
  • Tightened your skin and prevent it from being saggy
  • Skin easily retains moisture and brighten


Collagen drink supplement for enhancing skin beauty and long-term dermal care.

  • Increase water retention, enhance skin firmness, retain skin elasticity, restore smooth appearance.
  • Effectively prevent free radicals from damaging our body, and increase collagen production. Reduces spots and darkness.
  • Nourish skin, reduce fine lines, prevent wrinkle formation from skin aging, and lubricate joint tissue.
  • Promote collagen formation. Keep skin brightened, and strengthen the self-defense function of the skin. Accelerate wound healing.


Introduction of collagen supplement drink

  • With two patented ingredients. quality and effect are guaranteed
  • Elasticity, moisture, and whitening are 3 major functions in one
  • Add up to 5,000 milligrams of patented fish collagen per pack, which has high content with the effectiveness


Main Ingredients of private label collagen dietary supplement

Target cosumers for collagen drink



Beautiful sachet design templates are available for you to choose from, or you can design your own sachet.

Mutiple supplement dosage forms to choose from.


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