A silent organ that carries a soundless threat of death

As the liver has no pain nerves, therefore it’s usually irreparable when we do detect our liver is sick. Throughout the years liver cancer has to be second in place as the cause of death nationwide. Despite various causes of death, the majority is because of the fatty liver causing liver fibrosis, fourth becoming liver cirrhosis than liver cancer at the end. Fatty liver is separated in alcoholic fatty liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver and disregard hereditary factors, other elements causing the fatty liver to exist all around…… and how to protect your liver? Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech provides a number of self-examinations.

An over-exhausted liver. An unsatisfied liver protection health care food market.

Despite the global liver cancer proportion continuing to rise, the global health food market for liver protection products supply has not been relatively improved. Liver protection health food market compared to the increasing number of population suffers from liver problem rises day by day appears to be in short of supply… Learn more about the global demand and supply of liver health food.

Scientifically confirmed as the raw materials for liver care

Common liver care ingredients that appear in the market are Schisandra, Artichoke, milk thistle and etc. Recent research discovered a new batch of ingredients, and with data confirming their liver protection strength: Glutathione, Taurine, Prickly pear, and… experiments confirmed liver protection strength is amazing!

Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech new compound liver care formulation: Wel-Liver

Bad liver results in an unhealthy body: Unable to detox, nutrients can’t be produced and stored, unable to digest and absorb, metabolism declines, and so on… To avoid minor to major harms, Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech’s new compound formulation for liver care, Wel-Liver, creates effective liver protection for four different groups of people that suffer from liver problems.

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