• Body’s discomfort is not a reason in keeping you away from being healthyMajorities exercises for a healthy body. But for some bone and joints injuries forms concerns and fears and facing the dilemma of neither to workout or not workout at all!This issue we’ve invited Dr. Lin, Kun Hui,“An Orthopedist who went through three spinal surgeries” that  gradually adjust himself from the starts with the correct exercise mindset, posture, diet combination and having the passion for sports and the outdoors.The fear does not lie with an injured body but lies with a barricaded mind. With the combination of therapy and replenish of nutrients, Dr. Lin stand once again under the sun and embrace what he loves. 
  • Born as a hero, acquired in becoming a runner!
  •  Lin, Kun Hui

Present: Orthopedics attending physician at Taipei  Tzu Chi Hospital

Education: Department of Medicine, University of Taiwan

Running experiences

    • 2016 UTMT, Ultra-trail Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong-115KM.
    • 2017 UTMB, Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc, France-168KM.
    • 2018UTMF, Ultra-trail Mt. Fuji, 168KM.

Intake and replenish of nutrients are vitally important. Besides a balanced diet I’ve concentrated on high-protein diets with also supplementing multi-vitamins, vitamin B complex and calcium tablets. This helps  both musculoskeletal and the nervous system, and to the majorities no matter it’s to loose weight or gaining muscles, during the time of not working out replenish of nutrients and dietary control are very important. Beside in retaining the balance of physical function by rapidly replenish the energy that’s lost and simultaneously strengthen the bones and muscles…… A grey sports career? A story shared by a Orthopedist who went through three spinal surgeries yet continues moving forward on the journey to health.

  • Key element in activating high sports efficiency

Research shows after 13 weeks of additional daily supplement in protein diets in comparison to a no-treatment control group, limbs muscle mass shows a visible uprising. Soybean protein contains abundant of vitamins (A,D,E,B complex) and other minerals (Iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus)…… When comes to working-out, besides soybean proteins but overall supplements is needed the most!

  • A first iron step, let nutrients supplement the energy needed

Four types of sport nutrients that replenishes from inside and out and overall resolves the difficulties experienced during working out. The developed products presented in this issue of Wel-Bloom News leading your health care food brands into the popular sporting functional foods market, becoming the most talked about brand by the sports enthusiasts.


Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech, health foods development expert in Taiwan.


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