Ms. Gui-Ling, Xie. President of Sunshine Instrument Ltd and graduated from Taipei Medical University School of Pharmacy. In the competitive world of business, using her professional medical background she is dedicated in introducing world class standard medical equipment and complete service to doctors and patients. As person with gratitude, during her time as chairwoman of the 12th Alumni Association of Pharmaceutical Dept. of Taipei Medical University (T.M.U), the association was being upgraded by her in now known as “The Alumni Association of Pharmaceutical Dept. of T.M.U, Taiwan R.O.C”. As the founding chairman she worked closely with the School of Pharmacy and T.M.U Pharmacy Alumni Foundation for Culture and Education to gain benefits for the Alumnus and leaving great reputation for the Alumni. Wel-Bloom specially invited President Xie in sharing with us on how to maintain balance between careers and caring of physical and mental health, especially on how to have “A Wonderful life created with luminous eyes.”

A Wonderful life created with luminous eyes

Ms. Gui-Ling, Xie

Ones who work at the office through long hours would feel more of a less that the level of eye fatigue is higher in compare with before. Constant starring at the computer and browsing through cellphones, it becoming an inevitable characteristic of modern man and the same goes for me. Eyes absorb the most stress amongst other areas of our body, and through time in seeing with them but not caring about them, it tends to be quite easy causing certain level of harm. As myself with medical background I fully understand this and so I constantly reminding myself during work to walk around or look outside of window to relax myself. Even though we all know the importance of our eyes but, have we being taking care of them?  

The invisible damage of the eyes

In explaining these sicknesses first we have to understand the structure of the eye: When light enters it’ll focus on the retina to produce images, identical to how the camera takes and projects images onto the negatives. If light focuses on the front of the retina it becomes “myopia” and vice versa is called “hyperopia”. Macular is located at the center of the retina where the photoreceptor cells gather and control vision’s sensitivity and clarity. As the eyes rotate in looking at an area, its structure will focus the light onto this area.

At the age of three, the development of the eyes starts, and till between the ages of 18 to 24 years old the development completes. If during the development stage should myopia occurs it should be corrected right away as a precaution. Though the advancing of electronic products putting children in watching T.V and tablets all the time, eyes are being damaged by the screen’s blue ray and the excessive using of the eyes with lack of sleep during their schooling stage, myopia continues to worsen. At a later stage in wanting to look beautiful and wearing contact lenses too long, causing the surface of the eyes does not stay moisturized ending up with dry eye syndrome. Incorrect or excessive straining of your eyes leads to crises of contracting glaucoma, cataract, presbyopia, and macular degeneration.

People with high myopia have higher chances of contract glaucoma and with the myopia ratio of modern-day people rapidly increasing with age, the incidence ratio rises. Presbyopia usually happens between the age of 40 and 45 but there is a number of cases happening at the age of 35. Presbyopia is where the crystal lens within the eye is no longer able to regulate focal length and in a normal circumstance when we look into the distance the ciliary muscle relaxes and the crystal lens concave has light refraction reduced. When looking at a near object the ciliary muscle contracts and the crystal lens convex and light refraction increases. Through regulation in having light to fall exactly onto the retina but if the crystal lens can’t regulate then presbyopia occurs. And looking at macular degeneration, under the advancing of technology it has become a younger trend and this needs to be taken seriously.

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At a glance: Glaucoma

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Eye protection rules that everyone needs to know.

To avoid damages made to our eyes so that it won’t age before we do, we need to especially pay attention to our reading habits and on the way how we usually uses electronic products. First, avoid watching or reading in a mobile environment. E.G. watching T.V series during commute or, browsing through the phone in the dark just before sleep. It’s ideal to do so in a light sufficient environment and rest for 10 minute after every 30 minute. Besides these there are other basic eye-caring actions that can be done.


  1. Adequate sleep allows the entire body to be well rested and recuperated. After a day with the eyes working at a full strength and if with also wearing contact lenses put our eyes under a long term in a state of inability to rest. Therefore with a full 8 hours of sleep is the first step in caring for our eyes.
  2. Attend more outdoor activities; enjoy sceneries that are broad and beautiful with focusing at the distance to relax the eyes.
  3. Regular check-ups; understand the condition of our eyes and adjust the diopter of your glasses.
  4. Hot compress; the simplest method is to compress the eyes with hot towels to relax or, using the vapor eye-mask that is sold on the market are not bad options.

Besides external action, correct dietary is also vitally important. Zeaxanthin, Lutein, and vitamins like A, C, D, and E are excellent choices. Intake of more dark green vegetables and fruits provide lots of help during daily lives, but in comparison to the ester form absorption from food, the free form of lutein is much easier to be directly absorbed and this is why there are lutein health foods in the market. As the human body won’t be able to self-produce lutein so the source has to be absorbed from foods and besides absorbing 40-90% of blue-ray, lutein its own anti-oxidation ability can reduce the forming of free radicals within the vision receptors and retina and free radical is one of the reason causing the human body to age. In researches, it has indicated that lutein and zeaxanthin are recognized to reduce the risk of early, middle, and later stages of macular degeneration. Research even discovered that the higher the concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin in our diet or within our blood, the fewer chances of macular degeneration to occur. And even I am regularly taking eye-care health foods to replenish substances what the eyes needed.    

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Healthy longevity is my ideal life goal, at an old age but still having a strong body and staying optimistic is what major research and book appeals for a healthy life. Develop a good use of vision habits, supplement the nutrition that the body is lacks, through public welfare activities, “Into the future with billions of steps!” it helps to remind ourselves while being busy we also need to love ourselves. Working hard is to have a better life but a wonderful life is to be created with luminous eyes.

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