Vol18 :Demystify gut health by Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Leading you to the perfect road of life

  • A healthy intestine is as important as having a good mind (brain). A multiplex 2nd brain of the human body Human body’s intestine is the largest digestive, immune, and detoxification organ. The intestine is also known as the body’s second brain that feels, thinks, and memorize which affects human emotion and condition of the body, therefore the health condition of the body is reflected by the status of its intestine.
  • A highly stressful lifestyle leads the intestine to trigger the alarm. Constipation becomes the newest threat in national health 2017 statistical data report from the Statistics Division of the Ministry of Health and Welfare has indicated that up to 5 million Taiwanese citizens have sought for medical attention due to digestive system illnesses, and 360 million gastrointestinal medications have been consumed annually and it’s equivalent to 1,600 of 101 Commercial tower. Colorectal cancer has been ranked in the top 10 cancers in Taiwan throughout the past 11 years. Taiwan nationwide cancer registry data of 2016 from the Health Promotion Administration has indicated that each year approximately 15,000 people suffer Colorectal cancer…… Due to the stressful lifestyle in modern days, 1 of every 4 people experiences a problem with constipation.
  • A healthy & smooth lifestyle currently the often used laxative treating constipation is either in bulk form. stimulant and lubricant types to achieve the excretion effect. Though, to be able to continue taking care of the body, maintaining a healthy gut would be the ideal plan in the long term. Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech in wanting to help everyone to be free from the burden of constipation, developed “Digestive Fluid Enhance Drink”, 12 types of patent probiotics, and Lactobacillus Plantarum in helping people to maintain their gastrointestinal functions…… To understand further the gastrointestinal tract protection ingredients that are being used.
  • Patent probiotic to enhance gastrointestinal function & TCM prescription in conditioning the physique

    The problem with constipation in the new generation worsen by days, therefore based on the concept of protecting the intestine and relieving the problem of constipation, Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech observes from the perspective of Chinese and Western medical science perspective, introduces probiotic compound powder with each sachet containing up to 50B bacterial counts that in using good bacteria to help to soothe the intestine and promotes a better bowel movement. Together in joined hands, Wel-Bloom takes you to enter the market of gastrointestinal tract health products.

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