• Wuhan Pneumonia frightens the world

In the Winter of 2019 what the moms will shout is, “Put a jacket on so you don’t get sick!” but now it changes to “Make sure you wear a mask when going out, so you don’t get infected!!”

What’s causing everyone into a panic and the social phenomenon with epidemic prevention product such as masks, disinfection alcohol, ear thermometer and all being snapped up, the chief culprit is none other than the pneumonia outbreak that is initiated by the novel coronavirus, commonly known as the Wuhan pneumonia that with the very first case being identified in Wuhan area, China. Initially, this disease was thought to have an outbreak in Hua-Nan seafood wholesale market at Wuhan city in Hubei province and has been discovered as a form of a novel virus. At the beginning stage given that the cause of pneumonia was unknown and with the preliminary investigation to identify the pathogen and its origin, and as it still unable to verify the channel of propagation and its origin. Therefore it’s being called as “unidentified virus”.

Speaking of the name of the disease, this disease also went through a twist. From the more well-known “Wuhan pneumonia“ and thereafter the efforts and understanding of researchers from all around the world, on January 12, 2020, the WHO officially named it “2019 new coronavirus” (2019-nCoV) but on February 12, 2020, the WHO announced that it would be renamed as “COVID-19”.

It can easily infect humans and spread continuously from person to person, triggering a global epidemic. What is a global epidemic? According to the definition of the WHO, it refers to “the global spread of new diseases”, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S recognize it as “cross-border transmission to multiple countries or continents, often affecting large numbers of people.”

As of February 10, 2020, BBC News pointed out that the new type of coronavirus infection caused more than 900 deaths worldwide, surpassing the 2003 SARS death toll and this one can imagine how terrifying the novel coronavirus is!

  • From SARS to the new coronavirus, the health crisis that hasn’t stopped

The emergence of a new coronavirus (Wuhan pneumonia) in 2019 is reminiscent of SARS that outbreak in Guangdong in 2002, which caused more than 300 people to be infected leading to the crisis of blockade to National Taiwan University Hospital.

Scientists found in the study through the genetic sequencing of viruses that the 2019 new coronavirus and bat coronavirus similarity reached up to 87%, with the identical source of the virus from the bat coronavirus SARS virus similarity also reaches up to 82%, but not the same virus strain though a new coronavirus strain has never been found in the human body before.

But it is well known that animal and human viruses can’t be cross-contaminated, and how did animal infects the human body? Most of the reasons are that the virus in order to adapt to modern environmental changes, dense population, constant adjustment and mutation to survive, the mutated viruses due to contact with the human through abnormal consumption, leading to the consequences of cross-infection.

In early 2002, the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention declared the pathogen (a type of coronavirus) came from wild civet as an example, a new type of coronavirus mutation that when viral proteins bind to the human respiratory cell receptors, people will be infected. In addition, the first case of MERS-CoV infection in the Middle East caused by a global outbreak of MERS-CoV in 2012 by a 60-year-old male in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, caused by exposure to camel excreta, is the first human and animal infection route with SARS and the new.


With the progress of medical technology, the discovery of a wide variety of coronavirus and a variety of unpredictable variations maybe, the current epidemic prevention methods are in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s announcement of epidemic prevention advocacy mentioned that in confined space and access to hospital places should wear protective masks and the principle of frequent hand washing, as well as to avoid contact with wild animals, birds and etc. to avoid contact with infection. In addition to external protective measures, we can take dietary nutritional supplements, improve our immune system, and boost immunity against coronaviruses. But what kind of nutritional supplement is in the world that is effective?

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