Euromonitor International predicted by 2021 health supplement foods market value in Asia will worth 896.3 billion dollars leading the growth of health supplement foods around the globe. The 8th Vitafoods Asia will be held at Singapore during September 11th to 12th, 2018 in bringing the latest industrial trends and research development.

In looking at product, Vitamin oral health products remain with a steady growth. Fatty acid products Omega-3 have the fastest growth and Omega-3 fatty acid includes EPA, DHA and ALA.

EPA and DHA play a vital role in health and directly influence physiological functions. Human body cell membrane contains Omega-3 fatty acid and higher the Omega-3, higher the benefits for humans’ health and this refer as the source of energy for people in modern society.

Vitamin products in the market are either in capsules or tablets. FRESH Jelly™ from Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech is vitamins in a single pack jelly, making health supplement foods becoming a snack and convenience to carry. Wel-Bloom ODM services offer various selections of dosage forms to create health care foods that belong to your brand.

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