In 2018, Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation decided to participate in Monde Selection and has already obtained the Gold Awards in the field of Diet and Health Products for three consecutive years since then. Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation shows the world its ability of research and development for healthy food. It insists on producing high-quality products and the new products developed each year are favored by the juries. Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation is trusted in being able to provide the cooperative partners with the best service.

Monde Selection is also known as the “Olympics of Food Products” and is the most representative International Quality Institute that offers a global evaluation of consumer products. In accordance with the official standard of Europe and the United States, over 70 internationally renowned experts have gathered to establish the evaluation for diet and health products based on an individual sheet that may include up to 20 different parameters. This evaluation is then divided into six criteria which are “The Nutrition and Scientific Claim Verification,”“The Quantity of Active Substance,”“The Absence of Adverse Effect,”“The Accuracy of the Ingredient List,”“The Mention on the Product of the Active Substances Used and Their Respective Quantity,” and “The Accuracy of the Product Usage Description.”

More information regarding Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation winning the Gold Awards of Monde Selection is introduced in the following section:

The Gold Award winner of Monde Selection 2020 – Flying Life FRESH-Jelly

Flying Life FRESH-Jelly uses the exclusive bi-phase technology to wrap the medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil within the crystal pellets. This product is not only sugar-free, but also less than 20 calories. In addition, three patent ingredients granted ten certificates are used to boost metabolism and maintain health.

The Gold Award winner of Monde Selection 2019 – Anti-Aging Drink

Anti-Aging Drink uses grape seed extract as the base and contains abundant Resveratrol to regulate physiological functions. This product could turn back the clock and reverse the aging process, which enables women to stay youthful and beautiful.

The two products that were awarded the Gold Award of Monde Selection in 2018 – Monascus Q10 Capsule and Glucojoint Jelly

Monascus Q10 Capsule

Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation spent four years to develop this health food, Match Q Monascus Q10 Capsule which contains numerous effective complex ingredients. This product received the Bronze Award of National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award in 2009 and has been awarded the certificate of Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) for 11 consecutive years.

Glucojoint Jelly

GlucoJoint Jelly contains three key functional ingredients which are Cat’s Claw, Bromelain, and 1500mg of Glucosamine, aiming to be the most top-notch formula in the market.

Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation winning the Gold Awards of Monde Selection for three consecutive years means the ultimate recognition for our ability of developing health food and the quality of manufacture. In the future, Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation will still be the consultant of health-based business opportunities for the partners, provide more information related to health food to everyone, and keep improving the technology on research and development for better health food OEM and ODM service.

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Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation – The Research and Expert of Health Food in Taiwan

ALLThe result of Monde Selection 2020 has been announced and Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation has been winning the Gold Award for three consecutive years.