Private Label Lutein Jelly: Eye Berry/Eye Care Supplement

Private Label Lutein Jelly: Eye Berry/Eye Care Supplement

Lutein Jelly:Eye Berry-Eye Care Supplement For Private Label / Wholesale / ODM

Prevent cataract, remove oxides in Macula, reduce free radical damage to lens, and improve vision.
Wel-bloom, gives you best quality health food product for wholesales. Latest dosage of Lutein supplements.
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White Label Lutein Jelly: Eye Berry/Eye Care Supplement 

Create Your Own Supplement Brand Quick And Simple!

The Eyes Make Your World Colorful. However, Do You Take Care of Them?

  • Spending a long time on 3C products – Using computer in daily work. Watching TV or playing Games in your free time. 51.5% people spend 2-5 hours a day on their phones , and 28.1% people spend over 5 hours.
  • Be exposure to the sunlight for long time – Put up with strong UV rays without sunglasses.
  • The eyes stand with highest oxidative stress in body


Lutein Herbal Food Dietary Supplement For Children

Overusing your eyes could cause:

  • Macular degeneration makes sight distorted – Macula is the center part of retina, which is where photoreceptor cells gather, controlling sensitivity and definition of central vision. It is the main cause of vision loss in 30-40-year-olds. “Eyes-death from overwork” seems to be common.
  • Cataract makes vision blurry – Cataract is connected with myopia, clear and bright lens will be turbid, after the sunlight accumulated, and cause blurred vision.
  • Glaucoma is the main cause of vision-loses – Highly myopia people have a greater opportunity of getting glaucoma. However, myopia becomes more serious as people age. It is not easy to notice it, so we call it ”silent vision-killer”.
  • Presbyopia makes you older than you look like – Usually, presbyopia shows up when people are 40-45 years old.
    But it tends to happen in 35-year-olds, which makes the eye-control ability worse, and the vision gets bad when you are young.

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Lutein Jelly care about your vision!

  • Prevent cataract, remove oxides in Macula, reduce free radical damage to lens, and improve vision.
  • Prevent pseudo myopia and degenerative eye diseases.
  • Strong antioxidative ability to help reduce damage from UV radiation.


With our exclusive formula and comprehensive one-stop service,

you can create your own eye care supplement brand effortlessly.

If you want to start with a brand new formula or dosage form, try our ODM service here!

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Handy design, keep beauty

  • Delicate package design to catch someone’s  attention.
  • No more bad feeling with tablets and capsules.

Multiple function, premium formulation

  • It has high water soluble fiber which can keep intestines healthy.
  • Put abbel and semen cassiae together to improve bowel movement.

High quality control

  • All products are produced by factory with ISO and HACCP certification.

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The dosage of Lutein Eye Care Eye Jelly is Wel-Bloom ‘s Hot-sell type:

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    Private Label Physiological AdjustmentPrivate Label Lutein Jelly: Eye Berry/Eye Care Supplement