Vol15: A wonderful life, created with luminous eyes

In this issue, we invite pharmacist, Gui-Ling, Xie in sharing how does she find a balance between her personal life and career and, how to have a wonderful/splendid life created with luminous life.

  • The invisible damages to the eyes

With the advancement of modern electronic products, our eyes receive damages from the screen’s blue-ray leading myopia to aggravate.   Under long terms of wearing contact lenses, it causes Dry eye syndrome (DES), Long-term improper or excessive apply stresses to the eyes will lead to glaucoma, cataracts…… To further understand the reasons causing eye diseases.

  • New eye protection material, creating a brand new life for you

When modern people overstress the eyes, myopia, allergies, dry eyes syndrome and macular degeneration follow one after another. A material corresponding by targeting a different types of eyestrains and diseases. Such as lutein, rutin, omega-3…… To further understand more about the new eye protection materials.

  • Four groups guarding the window of the soul

Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech in focusing on common eye diseases amongst the 4 groups and developed; Macular degeneration for senior health care, dry eyes syndrome for office workers, against allergies for children, and eye protection and skin beauty for preventing harms from blue rays to the eyes. This effectively helps the 4 groups to guard the window of the soul.


Reference resources:

Eye Anatomy: Parts of the Eye and How We See

Anatomy of the Eye


At a glance: Glaucoma

Dry macular degeneration

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Eye Care

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